Grambling State police on the look out for drunk drivers

Grambling State University?s police department and local police are working with the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, the Louisiana State Police, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to keep drunk drivers off the road from Monday, Aug. 19 through Monday, Sept. 5. �

The 18-day crackdown is focused on arresting drunk drivers to keep the roads safe during Labor Day.

?During the holiday, state police will be positioned on RWE Jones, MLK Drive and Main Street where most traffic drives,? police sergeant Joe Stringfellow said.

The participating agencies are also holding a statewide advertising campaign warning motorists of the penalties of driving while intoxicated, stating ?You drink and drive. You lose.?

?Most Louisiana motorists obey the law and do not have to worry about getting arrested for driving while under the influence.� However, times will be tough for those who insist on endangering their lives and the lives of others by driving while intoxicated,? highway safety representative James E. Champagne said in a prepared statement.

The program was expected to have as many as 5000 random intoxication tests but the concentrated effort in Grambling will not be as intense as planned due to police efforts to aid the state in recuperating from Hurricane Katrina. Approximately 51% of traffic fatalities during the 2003 Labor Day period involved alcohol according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Grambling’s on-campus and city police are also focusing on other local issues. Chief of police Tommy Clark Jr. clears up rumors of a local ban on parties.

“The party ban is an outright lie. Be mindful for your safety. There are students who are not in school but are here at parties,” Clark said.

Stringfellow warns GSU students that police will be cracking down on jaywalking and loud music beginning September 13.

“They will be checking for license, registration, and insurance or students? licenses are suspended,” Stringfellow said.