Dormitories receive facelift

Over the summer when many students were preparing for what would become a life-changing move, Grambling State university facilities department was preparing fixtures throughout several dormitories. Pinchback, Tubman and other dormitories were among the ones ro receive facelifts.

However, Akai Barksdale says he doesn’t think it’s right to remodel certain dorms and leave the others like Knott Hall unattended “My ceiling looks horrible; my telephone jack is hanging off the wall. I just feel that my room is not conducive to living,” Barksdale added.

Leon Sanders, Associate Vice President for University Operations said the several things were done this summer such as replacing the carpet in Tubman hall and fixing air conditioning units in Pinchback. “In all we spent over $250,000 making fixtures to dormitories,” said Sanders.

According to Sanders there are plans to build a 1,000-bed apartment style dorm on campus within the next 18 months, and then an additional 800-bed dorm. “Everything will be apartment style,” Sanders mentioned. Sanders urges students to be patient and look forward to better things at GSU. “Our aim is to have an environment conducive for students,” said Sanders.