Tap God’s grace to break curses

When we talk about grace, we’re talking about God’s power, God’s ability, God’s favor, God’s endowment working on our behalf to cause His plan and purpose to come to pass in our lives.

Romans chapter 5:17 lets us know there is an abundance of grace – grace for everything in life we have to deal with. There is an enablement from God that will always cause us to win in life. But verse one tells us we have to access that grace by faith.

And the Bible tells us that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God (Romans 10:17). So, if I don’t know that there is an enablement of God to help me in life, then I will not reap the benefits of that grace.

Now I’m going to give you some definitions of a generational curse. A generational curse is an iniquity – hidden sin – a weakness that is in a family line that Satan knows about. And it’s passed down from generation to generation. And it’s something from which people don’t repent.

People keep quiet about generational curses. When you look back in your family tree, you’ll see where generational curses go about four generations back.

For example,if great-great-great granddaddy was a child molester. It was hush-hush, but then great granddaddy got those tendencies, too. Because that hidden sin had never been dealt with. Consequently, people (in that lineage) start practicing that iniquity and then begin to enjoy it.

All of a sudden, granddaddy’s having problems. And now his son’s got these habits. And that goes from one generation to the next. Or great-great-great grandmother was a whipper-snapper and she liked to hang out.

Let’s break it down further. The preacher was a homosexual that messed with everything – women and men. But it was under cover.

He (the preacher) died. But now his son finds himself with these tendencies. And, still, the family’s quiet about it. Many people’s lives are being ruined and destroyed. Then it comes on down to your generation.

And all of a sudden, you’re finding all of these thoughts coming to your mind, and you’re wondering, “I wonder, ‘Am I a boy or am I a girl?’ ” That’s where all these people on television get all this stuff from. They don?t know these are generational curses.

A family will bring a child on television, and this child will say, “Well, I just felt like a boy was inside of me.” However, for the record, you can “felt” like you wanna “felt,” but your equipment let you know what you are. Any other thing that comes up (in terms of your thoughts or feelings), understand that is not coming from God, but it’s instead coming from the devil.

Just look in your own families. Look at how you act or acted. And somebody in your family line acted like that. You ever knew a father and son and grandson, all of them going to jail? That’s a curse; that’s not accidental.

The purpose for telling you now is to expose it and stop it. It’s for you to say, “It (whatever form that ‘iniquity’ takes in your family) will not travel down my family line anymore.”

This is not to condemn anybody. But if you don’t address it, you will never know about it.

But God will never tell me as a minister, “You had them in your church, you knew what they were doing, and you wouldn’t tell them anything.”

Understanding how to access the grace of God in your life empowers you to break those generational curses from over your family.