Student unhappy with presidential dialogue

Dear editor:

April 14, 2005 commemorates the day I personally received the conviction that our voiceless thoughts on Grambling State University’s campus have led us to the point where we are at this present time.

Unfortunately, if care is not taken, this will take us to where we do not expect. It is very disheartening for an event titled “Student Dialogue” to be transformed into the “SGA President Show.”

A very decorative occasion, I must admit, and I sincerely appreciate the efforts of individuals who have made this event a great success. But think how great the event could have been if the purpose for which it was designed were really achieved? Out of the abundant number of questions received for President Judson only four were read. What happened to the other questions? Were they not as important?

The Student Government Association president did say that there was a lack of time. Hmm, perhaps more time should have been spent on answering questions than recognizing future Gramblinites, showing pictures of the past or addressing issues which were irrelevant to the occasion. This is not intended to undermine the achievements of the president, but to help redefine the perception of limited time.

For a moment I thought I was the only one with the same concern, until I tried justifying my opinion by asking other students who attended the “Student Dialogue.”

As stated earlier, this is not intended to diminish the efforts of the wonderful and productive coordinators, but just to say we are tired of being deceived into coming to a program designed for one purpose but serving another different purpose.

I wish the new president a successful term in office and appreciate the changes made so far on Grambling campus.

Fellow Gramblinites, for how long are we going to accept to be pushed around?

What about our power (our voice)? Please let’s use it right.

-Babatunde Bamidele,

Junior nursing major