GSU golf team ready to make strides in national tournament

Grambling State University’s golf team is taking the sport to the next level with a positive outlook, talented players, and a dynamic, well-experienced coach.

The golf program at Grambling has been established and continuously moving forward for over the last 25 years. This year the golf team will be making an appearance in the National Minority Golf Championship in Port St. Lucy, Florida on May 5-9, 2004.

As a junior, Samuel Wells of Flint, Mich., is very confident in the strides the team is making as a representation of our university.

“I’m excited because we are playing against the best black colleges in the nation, as well as Division-II schools.”

A freshman member of the golf team, Cincinnati native Travis Zellars, looks forward to a promising future for the team.

“We get to travel all over the south to different country clubs and different cities, meet other young black golfers, and we get to do something that we enjoy doing,” Zellars said.”My golf experience has been more educational than anything.”

This year, the GSU golf team finished fourth in the SWAC. This is the team’s highest ranking since three-year coach Tegitra Thomas was a member of the golf team in 1994, which finished in second place.

While losing it’s two top players, Jabir Bilal and Jehrime Chadwick after this school year, the team plans to recruit two new talented golfers into the program for the 2005-2006 school year.

Coach Thomas stands strongly behind the program every step of the way.

“I’m very proud of them, primarily because we are the only sports program that does not have a practice facility, and to do what we’ve done, enduring through obstacles and continuing to be dedicated, that says a lot, on every level.”