Students, where are your voices?

Some of you went home for Spring Break. I’m sure you enjoyed that taste of the home cooking that you haven’t had for a while. I stayed on campus, but, unfortunately, I didn’t get to experience any kind of home cooking. Yes, the “cafe” was closed.

Now, I understand that the workers have to get some time off, but why would they close one of the only sources of free food on campus. Even Tiger Express was closed, leaving many students hungry and angry. Not a good combination.

But wait? Where are the mean and hateful letters being sent to the administration? Where are the protesters in front of the cafe? Where are GSUPD having to throw people out of the cafe for arguing with a cafeteria worker about them closing? It’s nowhere to be found.

It’s sad to know that Grambling is one of the only schools that will not protest or fight for what they want. There were probably 100 students on campus during Spring Break. Of those, maybe 70 or more did not have adequate food supplies. I figure about 55 or more of those students starved or begged for food during the break.

Here’s the question. If about 55 people starved during the break, why aren’t the mothers of these students and the students themselves protesting about the cafe being closed? Sad, isn’t it?

Now, I’m also at fault because I didn’t protest, but I’m doing this column to make up for it.

Too many times have GSU students complained about things not “popping” on campus, but too few do anything about it. If you, the students, want something done about the inadequacies of the campus, then do something about it.

Instead of attacking the current SGA administration about not having new cable channels, get out there and do some research yourself. You complain about not having the channels, but how many of you have actually gone out and talked to Cox or to Dr. Judson? Not many of you are raising your hands, are you?

People have constantly complained about Tiger Fest being a “throw-away” event. Do something about it. The Student Union Board serves the students. You, not the administration, control the campus. Yes, they do make the important decisions, but they can only do so much when students aren’t vocal about what they want.

Let me address some things I really want. I want next year’s Tiger Fest performers to be contacted now about coming to Grambling. Yes, it’s early, but some normally plan for tours at this time for next year. If we don’t show interest now, then we lose out.

Let’s make Homecoming a better event. I’ve talked to some GSU alumni, and they said Homecoming was one of the best times in their college career. However, at GSU we slap together a list of crappy events and call it a day. Come on, we can definitely have better events throughout the week. The concert, talent show and Greek show are the only things worth seeing. Actually, the talent show can be whack as well.

Now, I’m not placing blame on our SGA president, FSUB president or GSU president. I’m just saying this: Students need to voice their opinions more. If we voiced our opinions more then we would have better events.

The bottom line: Get out and say something. Protest if necessary. Do something, GSU. We have a voice…let’s use it.

Darryl  D. Smith is  a  junior  mass  communication  major  from  Monroe.