Sons carrying on fathers’ musical legacy

Lil’ Romeo and Eazy-E’s son aren’t the only ones who want to follow in their fathers’ footsteps and become the next big thing in the industry. Cory Gunz -son of rapper Peter Gunz, who is best known for his appearance on the hit anthem “UpTown Baby” – is up next.

The 17 year-old Gunz with his baby face that makes him look three years younger than he is, is already releasing his second mix tape, The Apprentice Volume 2, laced with over twenty tracks.

This mix tape is like very few out there because Cory Gunz is known by mega stars such as Shaq -who is also his Godfather- and the Game who also appears on this mix tape.

Gunz filled his mix tape with skits and freestyles that really show his range. He rap as fast as the Fu-Schnickens, while giving you the feel of New York flavor like Das EFX. His style is all his own but his flavor is what rap fans have loved every since New York created this music explosion.

Gunz has plans of creating a buzz on the street and bringing his craft to perfection before releasing his first complete album that he plans to release in Fall of this year. He aims to please the public with an album that will be smothered with thirteen tracks of heat, similar to a humid New York summer.

Gunz was recently signed to Casablanca Records, the same label that Lindsay Lohan is on and part of the Universal Motown Records Group.

“I am taking my time on the album because the public is expecting a lot from me, especially since my dad’s album was such a success,” Gunz said.

He took an untraditional approach when creating his music because on most minors debut albums, they refrain from cursing and are sure not to touch on certain subjects. Even Lil Wayne used to avoid having the explicit lyric sticker on his albums.

Cory spoke about this by saying “I rap on how my mood is… what I have seen around me. I don’t curse just to curse.”

Peter Gunz did not support Cory Gunz’ desire to rap at first. “He didn’t encourage me to rap, but I was always in or around the studio so he finally gave in,” stated Gunz.