Nominees awaiting OK from SGA

Campaigning for student leadership is scheduled to begin Monday. As of now, the election commissioner has not granted the campaign nominees permission to run for their respected offices. “In a record to remain in compliance with family Education Rights and Privacy Act, there will be no disclosure of students records, without having consent from the student,” said Beverly Crawford, Judicial Affairs Director. According to Crawford, SGA sent a list of names with nominees but there was nothing signed by the nominees releasing their judicial records to SGA. Nominees then had to sign a waiver as of yesterday, agreeing to release their record. As of Thursday at 9:30 a.m., no record has been released to the election Commissioner, and SGA advisor Audrey Warren, meaning no one is yet on the ballet.

How do you feel about being nominated?


Thomas Craig, a junior from Detroit said,  “There is no greater than one been asked by its fellow peers to hold their most covenant office.”

Leonard Simpson, a junior from Houston said, “I feel honored. It’s a privilege to have classmates feel I’m worthy of being a servant to the student body.”

Montree Reynolds, a junior from Pittsbugh, CA “I am very honored and blessed that my fellow peers feel I am worthy one of the hardest tasks as a student at GSU, being SGA president.”


Desiree Lewis, a senior from Dallas said, “I feel that it’s a great honor and privilege, and its also grand o be in the position of being a ambassadress of the university.”

NaKesha Alexander a junior from Baton Rouge said, “I am very grateful to be nominated for such a prestigious position on Grambling State University’s campus. It would be a great honor to represent the university.”

LaTasha Gray, a senior from Grambling said, “I am very elated about the possibility of serving as an ambassadress for the beloved institution Grambling State University.”

* None of the candidates mentioned in this article are have been officially cleared to run for office.