Kiosks now set up on campus; second project from STC

There is a new way of accessing the web, Kiosks have been placed throughout the campus to allow students a faster way to access the internet. “It is our vision, that the Kiosk will serve as a convenient medium for students to access web-based information,” said Martin Lemelle. The Kiosk Project was proposed by the SGA in 2004 and approved and funded by the Student Technology Committee.

The STC, as it is often referred to, is comprised of six student members and various other faculty and staff. The STC is responsible for the general welfare of t the technology fee. This fee is utilized to support various projects and services including the student computer lab’s and document center.

The Kiosk Project is the second project that the SGA has sponsored through the STC, the first being the Marquee. “Grambling State University is steadily moving forward and advancements in technology are a vital part of the strategic plan,” said Martin Lemelle SGA President. The SGA is currently entertaining proposals for future projects. All projects must have a university-wide appeal and specifically focus on technological advancements. “There is certainly opportunity in change, and the changes in technology at GSU are definitely exciting and beneficial to the development of the institution,” said Lemelle.

Persons or entities interested should contact Tanisha Cousby at 274-2540 for further information.