DBW hosts sexy batle

The never-ending war between men and women raged on as the Society of Distinguished Black Women hosted “The Battle of the Sexes” seminar on Monday, April 4.

The 2004-2005 men of essence formed a panel that addressed questions from the audience.

“The purpose of the event was to express the way men and women are constantly battling,” man of essence for the month of July.

“We wanted to see if mentally men and women could form a peace treaty,” Bradley Winbush said.

Terrence Giles, Mr. Man of Essence 2004-2005, joined with DBW in organizing the seminar as a part of his campus unity platform.

“It was the first seminar that I’ve helped to host and I enjoyed myself,” Giles said. “I would like to do something like this again as a part of my platform.”

Students that participated in the open discussion addressed topics from the lack of men wanting to take women on dates any more, to the reasons why women complain so much.

Brothers on the panel believe that even with discussions and forums like these, the battle of the sexes will all ways continue.

“I don’t think this war will ever end. No one is perfect and their will always be disputes because of it,” man of essence for the month of March Thomas Davis.

“We can try as hard as we possibly can but the differences will always exist.”

Giles and Jonovan Robinson agree.

“I think men and women have their own separate ways of thinking and plan to stick to them,” Giles said.

“Men and women both have very strong minds and opinions which causes them to disagree,” said Robinson. “Forums like these at least give people a chance to come together and form agreements on some things.”

The ladies of DBW said they believe the seminar successfully provided unity between young men and women on campus.

“I think his forum was beneficial to the campus because it allowed opposite genders to get a better understanding of each other,” DBW member LeCorra Morgan said.

The ladies of DBW will host a similar discussion Wednesday, April 20 titled “Venus vs. Mars” with United African American Men.