The last undiscovered Miller

Due to Percy Miller AKA Master P’s empire he has built over the past decade or so, many Millers have become famous — from his two younger brothers to his son Romeo. One Miller who is sometimes overshadowed is Jodi Miller, who is on the Romeo show on Nickelodeon.

Her real name is Erica O’Keith, and she only plays Romeo’s sister. But she is the future of Black actresses, so GSU had to get up close and personal with the 20-year-old actress.

Jodi Miller is a young woman who is always right and knows she has it going on, and a list of boyfriends to prove it. Is Erica O’Keith the same way?

“If you ask my mother she might tell you I am a know-it-all, but Jodi is a high-profile person, and I am more low key.”

She is so low key she doesn’t even get harassed by fans.

“Fortunately, most of the people who watch my show are kids, and they are cool,” she said. “I did have one stalker but for the most part life is easy.”

After the show Romeo, O’Keith would like her next role to be the mean girl, the back-stabber.

It would be fun to play a person who is the total opposites.”

Many Black actresses have gone from positive roles to raunchy and have found themselves winning Oscars. When asked if she would do the same, her answer was quick and definite, “I will definitely stay away from vulgar roles, and anything that goes against my morals.”

While gaining fame, the LA native has not forgotten her roots.

“I’m not from the suburbs and I want to start my own school for the arts for kids in my neighborhoods.”

This is because O’Keith went to the Amazing Grace Conservatory school, where she perfected her skills and made many of her close friends, one who plays on the show Jack & Bobby on The WB network.

Besides acting, O’Keith plans to go to college and learn the technical aspects of the business. Chip Heard, director of the Romeo show, is one of the most respected female directors in the business and a big influence on O’Keith.

“Everybody I talk to holds her name in high regard. She is very respected in this industry, and I’ve learned a lot from her.”

Politics is also a concern for O’Keith. “Young people really need to get aware of what is going on, and get involved. This was my first year voting and I encourage everybody to stay tuned in to the news.” said O’Keith, whose brother is in the Navy.

O’Keith left this message for Grambling and all the aspiring thespians: “Don’t stop. I wanted to stop many times in frustration, but my family was my backbone and kept me going. Believe in yourself, and never comprise yourself.”