Owner of local club says recent article misleading

Dear editor: In regards to the last article published about the business, Gotham City, was very misleading, damaging and incorrect. The article published March 10 (Entertainment section, brief column) stated that “INCIDENT CLOSES GOTHAM CITY.”

The reason for Gotham City being closed is that the city failed to renew the occupational license for the next year, which would have expired March 8, 2005. If you research the Ruston Daily Leader March 13 public notices section or research the city councilmen minutes from the March 3, 2005 council meeting, you will see this to be a fact.

The fact that there is an ongoing investigation, prevents me from commenting on those topics relating to the alleged stabbing reports, as they have yet to conclude their investigation.

But, when you speculate that someone has been stabbed at a place of business, or any other surrounding for that matter, it causes panic and distress. Remember that these are still only allegations.

Again the fact now, we at Gotham City have been forced to file suit against the town of Grambling for failing to do its administrative duty to issue the renewed occupational license and damages for any and all loses of income in connection with the same and being in contempt of a court ordered judgment. Attorney Bobby Culpepper will be handling the case and a court date is pending in the Third Judicial District Court.

Please print a new article stating the facts.

We thank you in advance and we remain yours truly.

Morris Winters,

Gotham City