Nomination convention draws many title seekers

Many students turned out to the Student Government Association elections interest meeting Monday to learn about the upcoming spring elections. Chad Harry, a senior from Bogalusa, was appointed by the SGA to be the election commissioner.

According to Harry, precampaigning will not be tolerated. ” We want to run a clean election and were doing it in the best interest of students,” Harry said.

Harry, along with the SGA President Martin Lemelle and Miss GSU Leslie Randle, disseminated information to potential candidates. Each of them also explained the requirements of each position.

Tuesday was the day to nominate potential candidates. There was also a large turnout for this convention. A candidate running for an student-wide executive office could be nominated by anyone that was enrolled at the university. Class officers had to be nominated by students within the class.

Audrey Warren, adviser of the Student Government Association, said, “We want students to run a clean campaign. Do not try to sabotage anyone.”

According to Harry, ” the nomination convention was the best GSU has ever had.”

Many students wrote letters if they were not present, but still had a designated student to nominate them. Once a person is nominated, their paperwork is sent to the Office of Judicial Affairs to see if the candidate record comes out clean.

“It takes three to four business days for the results to come back,” said Harry.

The campaigns will begin officially on April 18 at 5 p.m., and the class queen showcase will follow at 7:30 p.m.

The official day for voting will be April 22.