Is your SGA vote really your voice?

Well it’s that time of the year, Student Government Association elections. A time comprised of solicitation, loitering, harassment, and empty promises. Now under normal circumstances a person could go to jail for 3 out of 4 of these offenses, but we’ll let them slide for the sake of pseudo-positions that need to be filled. But where exactly does the student body play into this game? What about us?

Now it’s no secret that we gave a total of $50,000 to the SGA this school year ($10 per student). Another $25,000 to Miss Grambling and her court this term ($5 per student). And half the time you can’t even pay these people to speak. Oh but wait, we do pay them. But I’m not totally focused on the financial aspect, but rather the trust issue.

You see, when we cast our votes, we are not only empowering these individuals, but we are also entrusting them to fulfill all promises made and most importantly to DO THEIR JOBS.

Yet, you would be surprised by the large number of student body members that want to impeach elected officials every school year for good reason. Missing meetings and other such foolishness is not a part of the job description. You would think they know better.

The only reason they are never impeached is because many students are unfamiliar with the impeachment process. Perhaps it’s because the Senate doesn’t have the tenacity to impeach these officials.

Many of you do not know that YOU actually have the power to remove these officials from office. All YOU have to do is VOICE your opinions. If the SGA does not be your voice, YOU become your own voice.

Right now I can name at least three SGA nominees who did nothing in their previous elected year, yet remained in office. The question still remains they could have been removed. However, that question will remain unanswered until the day comes when students tenaciously voice their opinons to the SGA.

It’s possible that they just forgot. Forgot that they had a demanding major or a job, forgot that they were in the band and/or several other organizations and extracurricular activities, or simply forgot about the position. But I bet you a dollar they didn’t forget to put it on their resume. Because in the immortal words of Ciara all they wanted was “the title.” And a title is all it ever was to them.

To my fellow students, remember that looks are almost always deceiving. Whether it be a pretty face with no substance, someone living through the legacy of past officers, or simply a big mouthpiece and can’t back it up. LISTEN to your candidates, ASK questions, ATTEND the debate, and CHOOSE wisely.

YOU have the power to change things because as long as you are a tuition paying student, you have a vote. I know it may not sound like much, but you’d be surprised at what can be accomplished by simply casting a ballot. Some have won by less than 30 votes. Your vote really is your voice. The question is will you use it? But be careful what you vote for, you just might get it.

Quadrick D. Holman is a junior nursing major from Masfield.