GSU Debate team gets bid to nationals

Grambling State University has a rich history and continues to add to the legacy every day. The Earl Lester Cole Honors College Debate Team of Grambling State University is doing its part in adding to the history of academic and the overall progress of the University.

Their last tournament, held on April 1-3, yielded excellent results. The team won third place in the overall sweepstakes and also won fourth place in Team debate overall sweepstakes. In individuals they had the best speaker out of 35, a quarter finalist, octave finalist, and the second place team in team debate. They have also had past success in the Red-river swing and the Hot and Spicy tournament.

Ja’rod Morris, President of the debate team stated that “The tournament was a symbol of the team past vision, present trials and tribulations and future success and formidable strength.”

The Debate team is most definitely making strides in becoming a well known presence in the area of debate. As a result of their winnings they have earned the opportunity to compete in the IPDA ( International Public Debate Association) nationals on April 15-17, at UAM. In their attempt to make history by making Grambling’s first appearance in IPDA nationals ever, they have come short.

Tournament costs and their financial resources are limited to none. Due to the fact that the tournament last weekend was individually funded by members there are no available funds for nationals. The cost of tournaments include hotels, entry fees, gas, and food for the team members. One tournament could cost up to $1,000 dollars. And that only is only for about seven or eight people when the actual team size is about 15.

Previous tournaments have been funded by team members and their adviser, Dr. McKinsey. And while they have raised some money, there is still a need for more funds. Along with the financial situation, the debate team may not go due to the fact that the inauguration of Dr. Judson is the same weekend and they are having troubles finding a university official to accompany the team to the tournament.

The Debate team is currently accepting any donations or potential sponsorship to help them make it to nationals. With your donation they can continue to spread Grambling’s rich legacy.

Contact Dr. Smiley at (318) 274-2114, Dr. McKinsey at (318) 274-4488 or a member of the debate team if you have questions or donations.