Cheerleaders ready for national competition

As the NFL draft and spring training begins, people are getting ready for the football season all over again. There is one group that has been preparing for an event of their own: nationals.

The GSU cheerleading squad will officially compete in 2005 National Cheerleading Association Collegiate Cheerleading Nationals.

The GSU squad has a chance to bring home a cash prize, lettermen jackets, and national championship rings.

They also will be representing the university from a national standpoint in a sport that requires hard work but does not receive a lot of praise.

“We work very hard, and we deserve this opportunity to win,”said Jamarsa Peters, a junior, as he prepped for the competition.

Preparation has always been a key with the GSU cheerleading team, and they have been preparing for this event a long time.

“We always give it 110 percent,” sophomore Steven Long said. “We have been working out for three months since January, and it’s an honor to represent Grambling.”

A high level of confidence is intact.

“We will win,” Altrese Jacob said. “Then again, if we don’t win, we will place,” Mrs. Black and Gold added.

She also said, “Keep us in your prayers and hope that none get hurt.

The NCA Cheerleading competition is being held in Daytona, Fla., from April 6 – 10.

The event sees some of the best cheerleading teams in the nation from Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, California, and many more.