Changes in registration to start right away

The quest to demolish long registration lines at Grambling State University has just gotten a little closer to being accomplished. New registration procedures have just made it a little easier to register for classes at GSU.

The new procedures go into effect this semester for the summer and fall 2005 enrollment periods. The new rules may have students running faster than they think to get into early registration lines. The procedures come after a long ongoing effort to change the registration process to make it easier for students to enroll into school.

There are several new procedures that students should be aware of before registering for the fall 2005. Some of the new procedures are:

No more scheduling booklets will be distributed. All classes and schedules will be posted online with up to date current information.

The late fee for summer enrollment is $50. The late fee for fall enrollment is no longer $50; it is

now $100. Fees can now be paid online with a valid check or credit card if there is no standing hold on your record.

Fee sheets and other important documents can be printed offline as well. The 2005 fall schedule will be posted online at www.gram.edu

“We’re not doing anything different than other schools,” said registrar Karen Lewis, who played a key role in advocating changes to the enrollment procedures.

“We do not want it to be overwhelming so we’re doing a little at a time,” said Lewis who stresses the importance of early registration for all students.

Many students have been confused about the new registration process and are being encouraged to ask questions. Failure to stay informed can result in late registration fees and the possibility of standing in line.

The fall 2005 will also be the first semester that Grambling State University uses the F.A.C.T.S., an alternative tuition payment plan for students who wish not to borrow money through loans. Funds can be automatically drafted from a student bank account and/or a parent bank account to help pay off tuition on a monthly basis. However it is important that students take advantage of the new registration procedures instead of waiting until the last minute.

The schedule of registration goes as follows:

2005 summer registration begins April 11th

2005 fall registration begins April 18th

It is important that al students submit FAFSA and other necessary documents to the Financial Aid Office by June First, which is the deadline for fall 2005.

The last day to register for summer is June 13th: the late fees begin June 9th classes will be dropped for non-payment June 8th.

The last day to register for fall is August 31; the late fee of $100.00 begins August 19th. Classes will be dropped for non-payment August 18th.

These important dates are being strongly enforced by the registration office and these guidelines have to be met in order to successfully register for fall 2005 courses. Many students look forward to the new procedures in hopes that it diminishes long lines.

“I think these procedures are a big step Grambling State University. Its great for distant learning students,” said Monique Morton a senior from Washington D.C.

“We just want students to know we hear them and we are trying to cut down on the lines,” Lewis said .

If there are any questions concerning enrollment or registration please contact the registrars office at (318) 274-2385.