Assembly Center to be complete by summer 2006

Though it will not be complete until 2006, the tall-framed building located behind the Robinson football is stadium will be the new home of an Assembly Center. There have been plans for a basketball arena for over 25 years, according to Leon Sanders, Vice President of Operations.

According to Sanders, the university would also be able to host many outside activities. “We have had to turn down many activities because GSU did not have a facility that would be able to hold the event,” Sanders said.

The 7,500-seated center will be the new host of basketball games, concerts and will be able to hold up to 9,000 during commencement ceremonies. “The assembly center will not be able to host indoor track meets but, may be able to host some volleyball tournaments,” said Edward Alfred Facilities and Planning Director.

However, the department of kinesiology (formerly the department of Health and Physical Education) will also occupy the building.

There are no plans for more added parking. “We have enough parking spaces around the stadium but not being used,” said Sanders.

The new assembly Center will make the university look more collegiate,” said Jerome King, a sophomore secondary education major from Chicago.