Unity Among the Greeks: fries ain’t ready yet

Unity is defined as “the state or quality of being one; harmony,” but it is becoming clear that few individuals truly understand the meaning.

A word that one is subject to run across in every organization’s objectives, bi-laws, and/or constitution, a word that has yet to be seen and it comes as no surprise. How can unity be attained in the National Pan-Hellenic Council when it has yet to be individually fulfilled in many of its constituents?

Division starts within these groups, and the most common mistake being made is to allow the problems time to fester, rather than tackling them as they occur. How can individuals show love and support to all mankind when it’s not even seen or felt amongst members of a single fellowship? Civil Wars are steadily being waged between neos and prophytes; undergraduates and alumni; and most notably, paper and pledges.

Now those not belonging to a Black Greek Letter Organization may be blind to the words I am writing, but this is unlikely considering how openly brothers and sisters discuss fraternity and sorority business with anyone outside of their organization. And after the shenanigans that have occurred on this campus, particularly at Monday’s Greek Basketball Game, a percentage of the non-Greeks may say that Greek Life isn’t for them. Some will state that none of the affiliations do what they say. Others will simply say that cliques are for children and that it takes an adult to stand alone. Whatever your position on “to Greek or not to Greek,” make wise decisions. Being rejected from these societies may very well be the best thing to ever happen to you.

To the young lady who submitted her dilemma to ?He Said, She Said? last week, please don?t cry. Contacting nationals would probably be a waste of time and energy considering your situation. Your paperwork was more than likely destroyed and the sorority in question will deny any and all knowledge that you ever applied. Go on to be the best you can be as an individual. They’ll regret it in the end, just look to Oprah Winfrey as your guiding light.

This column WAS intended to step on toes. However if any individual or organization feels singled out, don’t take your anger or frustration out on me, I’m not the problem. Moreover, self and group assessment is what you need. The problems are not just going to disappear. In fact establishing harmony amongst the Greeks may be just as hard as it was for your founders to establish their Alpha chapter. Founders that would probably be rolling over in their graves two times if they could see the fruits of their labor today; mechanisms designed to unite that have become tools for division. As impossible as it may seem, it can be achieved. “Unity among Greeks: It’ s what’s for Dinner” was a column written last week. “Fries ain’t Ready Yet” simply means everything is not through cooking.

Quadrick D. Holman is a junior nursing major from Mansfield.