Religious play receives good reviews

If you missed "Is That Man…Your Husband?" performed at the Monroe Civic Center Saturday, March 12, you missed a treat.

The play introduced the audience to Chardenaye, a young woman who is in a lifeless marriage. Her husband Devante is too busy following behind Prophet Booker to find time for his wife.

She does not want to stop her husband from following his "calling", but she does want him to spend more time with her. She is desperately seeking the companionship of her husband.

The play opens with Devante canceling their previously scheduled arrangements so that he can go out with his friend Prophet.

Trying to keep the peace, she just accepts his excuses and goes on to do the things that he has required of her. She struggles with her sexual issues and goes to her pastor for help, but all he can do for her is make passes at her. Therefore she stays in this broken marriage only to find that her husband is having an affair with a woman he met in a bar named Kelly.

Overtime she tires of making excuses for him when her friend Angel tells her that she can do better without him. After having a good cry, she decides that enough is enough. She decides to tell Devante that it is over, but he is not hearing it. He rejects her attempt to end the marriage, and when she persists, he slaps her. Once she comes to the realization of who her husband has become she finds all of the strength she needs to move on.

Devante thinking that he has dodged a bullet finds himself homeless and alone when his mistress Kelly gets saved and no longer wants to pursue a relationship with him. And much to his surprise Prophet no longer wants to deal with him either, because God has revealed Devante’s intentions and they were not in accordance to His will.

Chardenaye becomes engaged to Malcolm a wealthy ex-lover of hers and she has to decide if he is what she wants or Darryl the complement giving, serenading postman who has been in love with her for three years.

The play took everyday situations and circumstances of life and made them humorous but yet a lesson learned.

"I heard about the play on the radio; it sounded interesting. The actors/actresses were good and the play was well put together," said Clenette Davis of the Ruston/Grambling area.

Rose Grant of Winnsboro said, "I think the play was an eye opening experience. It lets people know that God can bring you out of anything."

"I really enjoy plays and this one was good," said Wayne Murphy of Monroe.

Kristin Stewart said, " I really enjoyed the play. I was in Monroe visiting my family and I was reminded that a good friend of mine was in the play. It was really funny and inspirational."

"I thought the play was wonderful," said Sally George of Monroe. Brenda Tucker of Bastrop said, "We enjoyed the show. It was very spiritual, uplifting and put together in good taste. It’s something every man and woman should see.

This play will make you laugh, cry, but most of all it will inspire you to ask yourself "Is that man your husband?"