Ray J planning for his return

Its been four years since Ray J’s last album, This Ain’t a Game, was released. However, his new album, Raydiation, is to be his best work and is expected to be released in early June. So why has it taken so long for a comeback?

"I had to make sure the album was done right" said Ray J, whose real name is Raymond Norwood. He went on to say " I had to grow up and get all that partying and wilding out, out of my system".

Raydiation is going to be released on Ray J’s own label Knockout Entertainment, which is managed by none other than Matthew Knowles, Beyonce’s Father.

The majority of the music on Raydiation was written and produced by Ray J. The songs reflect Ray J’s personal experiences growing up throughout the past few years, and what he has learned. The album covers everything from falling in and out of love, relationships, to getting out of the image of being known as just Brandy’s little brother. The album has great features. He even found Mya, who has been MIA for a while now, to Terror Squads CEO Fat Joe, and had a few tracks produced by R. Kelly and Timbaland, so you know the album will be filled with slamming beats. Ray said "I named the album Raydiation because it puts out a lot of energy and passion".

Currently, Ray J is the host of the BET countdown show that airs right after 106 and Park. He also had part in the holiday movie Christmas at Waters Edge, co-starring Keisha Knight Pulliam.

In his spare time, Ray J enjoys traveling to different exotic islands, such as Hawaii and the Bahamas. "While traveling I get a chance to air my thoughts out," he said. He especially likes spending time with his niece, Brandy’s daughter. "I love spending time with her. It is one of my favorite things right now. My niece is so spoiled," said the new uncle.

When asked was there anyone special in his life he said "One girl is real special I call her music That is my focus." When asked if he was not singing what he would be doing, Ray J responded, "I would be down in the scenes directing and things like that, maybe playing sports. I enjoy the aspect of legal hustling. I like taking $10 and making it $100."