Grambling State student shows off his talent at the fullest

In a world where sheer talent is in great diminution, where pure mastery is still legend, where amateurism is the call of the day, a select few still have the atypical gift of artistry.

As we all know, art is expressed many ways. Some people possess sporting abilities, others are computer wizards, still, others can be termed geeks or geniuses. However, there is one field that we seldom notice: music, or rather, producing. Have you ever asked yourself who makes this beat? For those who do not have answers, that’s where people like Brandon Richardson come in. To be more specific, that’s where Brandon Richardson comes in.

Although he was born in Shreveport, Richardson is the perfect example of the moving man. After spells in Michigan and Winnsboro, he finally calls Atlanta home. Shreveport is where he got his first love for music-making. And it was in Winnsboro where he started getting serious about rap after hearing Outkast’s song and album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik.

From Winnsboro he moved to Michigan and finally adopted Atlanta as his final spot. Though, he was presented as a producer, Richardson is also a graphic designer, as his latest posters prove. This, coupled with the pure musical aptitude, make him a complete man, as he now owns a record label based in Atlanta. Here is an exclusive interview with Richardson.

Question: What are your origins?

Brandon Richardson: First of all, I am very proud of my origins. I was born in Shreveport, and I grew up in Winnsboro. I later on moved to Michigan for some time, and I presently live in Atlanta. In fact, everywhere is home.

Q: Can you give a detailed explanation of what you do; musically, as well as graphically?

BR: Actually, I am the musical director at KGRM, where I produce all genres except gospel. I also run a record label in Atlanta, where I excel in rap and R&B. In the field of designing, I recently designed some posters for the upcoming football season. I designed posters for the forthcoming Top Notch party. Personally, I designed my own Web page, www.toohotrecords.com

Q: What really fuels you in doing what you do?

BR: You know, this circles around my record label. It is all about promotion. I figured out that it would be easier to run things myself than to pay someone else to do it. Furthermore, given the fact that my major is marketing, things automatically become easy. I am also motivated by the strong urge to help others break into this very restrictive activity.

Q: Since you really love the world of music, why did you choose production instead of actual rapping?

BR: I really believe that production is the basis of music. Without proper production, major artists wouldn’t be doing well. Therefore, I am here as a helper. I want to get all the talent out of a person and make use of it. Also, I really think that it is better to sell $5 worth of CDs and have someone buy it rather they use that $5 to but alcohol, or waste it on something less productive.

Q: It is said that proper production comes with proper promotion. Did you learn promotion?

BR: I sure did. I learned promotion in Tallahassee, and that’s where I got into the whole business. I did some promotion for a big rapper in Florida called Poeboy and some other groups. Matter of fact, I started promoting with my roommate, and when the business got bigger we hired others who where finding it difficult to break into the music world. Later on we became known after working with major promoters in Tallahassee. They eventually hired us after failing to overtake us.

Q: Let us talk history. When did you start ‘loving’ music?

BR: That was a very long time ago. In fact,, I was just a kid and must have been in seventh grade.

Q: How did your family help you achieve your goals?

BR: My family was very supportive. My dad bought the music-mixing software, which marked the beginning of my musical career.

Q: Do you have future plans?

BR: My foremost goal is to have a song from my record label on all radio stations around Florida, Louisiana and Georgia.