On Fyre Entertainment does it again

They are On Fire again.

Yes, On Fyre Entertainment has released their seventh compilation, Da Streets Are Back Again Mix tape Volume 7, which is loaded with 20 tracks.

Simultaneously, On Fyre’s hottest rap group, Miscellaneous, released their first album three weeks ago, and have already sold over 200 copies, of the 22-song album.

Miscellaneous, which is the grimy street poetic rap trio which consists of Brick, Tank and Gusto.

Gusto AKA Da Script, a native of New Orleans spoke about the mission of the group’s music and said ” We’re reaching out to all the real people who have been through something, it’s been two years and I know the streets is backing us like a spinal cord”.

Another New Orleans native, Terrel Nunnery AKA Tank said “making the mix tape, and the album had real high points, but when you are doing something you love the fun part comes when you see success”.

Allen Brice AKA Brick from Gulf Port, Mississippi is the self-proclaimed “big sexy giant” and completes the trio and he said, “We are miscellaneous by nature, unexpected”.

The trio is not a new group just signed to On Fyre Entertainment they have been trying to perfect their craft to come out and make a statement for two years now. On Fyre is dedicated to getting all of Grambling, and Louisiana behind them, and at their show last month at Gotham City it was said by observers that the talent signed to On Fyre has potential to go all the way.

ment is also showing their buisness side by providing new artists the chance to record and get their music packaged.

Kayo, founder of On Fyre Entertainment must be doing something right because for the past few years he has been getting praise and selling hundreds of albums from his house to the streets of Texas, and San Diego his home town every semester. You can catch Kayo with his On Fyre squad at every major event, be it Mardi Gras or the local nightclub. In addition, he always has a CD in his pocket and a Walkman for you to listen to it no matter where he is. You can purchase both albums at Knowledge Records located in Grambling’s village, or visit the website onfyre.cjb.net. If all else fails catch any of the On Fyre Entertainment posse on the street and they are bound to make sure you get your copy today. Besides making music On Fyre Entertainment is also showing its business side by providing new artists the chance to record and bet their music packaged.