Green pushing his soul through the pen

Welcome to the mind of the Windy City native whose words flow like water for chocolate; common Harold Green is not.

Known to provoke thought, ignite passion and soothe souls all in the span of a single sentence, Green’s syllable slicing has earned him a reputation as one of Grambling’s premiere spoken word artist.

“Words are our sole form of communication, so there is a lot of power in them,” said Sociology professor Dr. Walter Davis, who also serves as Greens’ mentor.

During last semester Green connected with Davis, because he found his class enlightening and intriguing. Davis also had these same sentiments about Green.

“What pulled me toward Harold was the way he formed questions and his thinking process,” said Davis, “I noticed that he was very articulate and he came to me wanting to know more,” said Davis.

This hunger for more is the same drive that Green exhibits when ever he’s rocking a stage. Whether its a crowd of 100 or 10, his compassion resonates through his performance.

“[Green] is a dynamic poet and is a real inspiration to the rest of the poets here,” said fellow poet, Miscellaneous, “Harold does a great job of conveying his message, even though the performance is really really good, one can still look past the performance and get what he’s trying to say.”

Seeing the audience receive the message is the most important thing to Green because it is at that point that he knows he’s doing his job.

“I just look at myself as a messenger for the most high whose out to change some lives and open some minds.”

In attempt to spread his message to a larger audience, Harold recently released his first album, The Green Room. This LP is infused with all the elements of hip-ho; samples, solid productions and singing features.

The self proclaimed “Trojan Horse” realizes that he has something different, oppose to just the run of the mill cd.

Instead of congo drums, Green incorporated hip-hop so that the album could possibly fall on the ears of some mainstream listeners, who otherwise wouldn’t have heard it.

This systematic way of thinking is “tantamount to the Trojan War when the Greeks infiltrated with the trojan horse and they creeped into an area where they didn’t suppose to be,” said Green.

But if the logic in his song selection don’t move you, the beats are sure to.

Each beat sets off a different mood, allowing the listener to digest every note harmlessly.

His subject matter ranges from black awareness to self-wellness to the upliftment of women.

And lately more women have been drawn to Greens’ poetry, because it is so soothing and uplifting for their mind.

But that’s the only place that Harold wants emphasis to be placed.

“My favorite part of a woman is their mind, “If your mind has a pharochialized view and a narrow scope there’s only so far we can go, said Green, “Whereas if you had an open mind we can go on for eternity.”

And as for any woman who may think that the poems or to gain attraction, not even.

“Please don’t get the female poems twisted, you are not gone come to Attucks Room 113 and catch no girls laying up in my bed,” said Green. “The underlining theme to all my female poems is that if you carry yourself well enough people will respect you in the proper manner.

Graduate student, Jina Pillis, sees Greens poetry for what it is and respects it, because of the message. “It’s an underground art form that needs to be on top of ground. It’s really self reflective and that’s empowering when poetry makes you look at yourself for who you truly are,” said Pillis.

And this bowtie rocking toddler indeed knows where he came from.

In fact his close knit family circle in the past molded the man whose now seeing his dreams unfurl at Grambling. “The bond that my mother, sister father and I have is immeasurable.”

With his soul guided by the most high and his mind continuously showing strokes of genius, one of the things that Green feels he can improve on is procrastinating. “If I could think of anything for me to work on it would have to be my procrastination.

Now can you imagine if that one trait were removed… Umm that would be something like a phenomenon.